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Hello there and welcome to my sexy website! My name is Jenny and I’m a busty blonde with an insane love for anything erotic and sexual. I prefer to live my life to the fullest, experiencing anything and everything while I’m still young, hot and adventurous.

I’m a fun-loving girl: some call me a playmate. Whether I’m in a relationship or simply messing around with friends: I love sex. My love of the erotic has also resulted in me going on numerous dates with a large amount of London escorts. These babes are just insanely hot and up for anything with a fellow babe. Whether it was a busty blonde, hot redhead or exotic beauty: they were always ready for anything I threw at them, resulting in some of the most memorable experiences of my life.

I created this website to recount (and relive!) some of my most memorable experiences so far, with escorts London and elsewhere. I’ve also categorised them, making it easier for you to find a specific topic or experience. I have changed the names of people to protect their identities but other than that, I’ve literally recounting actual experiences. I hope you enjoy reading all about them and feel free to let me know if you wish for me to add more. And if i had to recommend an agency it would of course be the J London escort agency.

Enjoy the website and hope to hear from you all soon.

Hugs and kisses,